Top 10 K-Cup Coffee Flavors for Your Keurig

Anybody that knows me can confirm that I drink a lot of coffee. Probably too much coffee. Switching to a Keurig machine was one of the best decisions I could make for my morning routine. There are many benefits to owning a single-cup coffee machine. Now that you are the proud owner of a Keurig, you may be suddenly overwhelmed with the amount of choices you have available to you.

There are many ways you can figure out which Keurig coffee pod is the best for you. Most people start by asking their friends, sampling flavors and reading reviews online. There’s really no wrong way to go about it.

However, if you look at the top K-cups sold online, you’ll notice a pattern start to emerge. Combine that with the comments/reviews on various forums and you get a fairly good idea of what flavors are really good and should be included in your own personal list of the top Keurig coffee flavors.

To help you determine which K-Cup is the best fit for you and your new coffee maker, let’s take a look at some of the best options that will be readily available to you.

Breakfast Favorites

Everybody is different in how they like to start the day. For me, nothing quite beats a cup of medium-roast, black coffee to get me going. There are many light and medium roast K-cups available for you to sample or buy.

Donut Shop® should know how to make a really good coffee and from comments seen online, the consensus is that they do. Two other breakfast favorites are Green Mountain® Breakfast Blend and Nantucket Blend. As their names imply, these coffees are blended from a number of different kinds of beans. In the case of the Nantucket Blend, the beans come from Indonesia, Central America, and East Africa, plus some French Roast beans.

The Extra Bold K-Cups

If you like a strong, rich coffee, try the extra bold variety of K-cups, which have 30% more coffee. Try Newman’s®, Kona Blend®, or Emeril’s® extra bold.

These are especially desirable if you like to make a latte. Simply heat a half a cup of milk in a mug in the microwave for one minute and then brew the coffee into your mug. Make sure you use a mug that is large enough for the coffee.

As the name implies, the Kona extra bold gives you a double hit – it is both a blend and a bold. Those that love it admit it is strong, heady, and not for anyone who is not a true coffee lover.

Flavored Coffee Pods

When you get to the flavored coffees, you will have to try them to see which you like best. Generally speaking, the caramel and vanilla flavors seem to be liked by just about everyone. Green Mountain® Caramel Vanilla Cream and Van Houtte® French Vanilla appear frequently on lists of favorites and have been included together on our list, as they seem to have an equal number of fans. Gloria Jean’s® Butter Toffee is also mentioned frequently.

Some coffee drinkers are purists and just do not care for any of the flavored coffees. It appears that those who like sweetly flavored coffee have more than one favorite, making determination of what is actually first on everyone’s favorite flavored coffee list a challenge.


For those who love coffee but need to avoid the caffeine for health reasons or because they want a late-day cup that will not prohibit sleep, the following K-cups are those considered most favorable by decaf drinkers: Coffee People® French Roast Decaf and Green Mountain® Breakfast Blend Decaf.

One thing to remember: If there is a flavor you love, you can find it in coffee. Blueberry, gingerbread, French toast, and coconut – the list goes on and on. Some varieties are seasonal (gingerbread and coconut), and some simply fit better with a particular season or time of year. For example, Spicy Eggnog is a big holiday season favorite.

Top 10 Keurig Coffee Flavors

Because we know you want to know specific brands, here’s our list of the top ten best K-cups you should sample.

  1. Original Donut Shop® Extra Bold Coffee
  2. Green Mountain® Breakfast Blend
  3. Green Mountain® Nantucket Blend
  4. Newman’s® Extra Bold
  5. Emeril’s® Extra Bold
  6. Kona Blends® Extra Bold
  7. Green Mountain® Coffee Caramel Vanilla Cream/Van Houtte French Vanilla
  8. Gloria Jean’s® Butter Toffee
  9. Coffee People® French Roast Decaf
  10. Green Mountain® Breakfast Blend Decaf

If your favorite does not appear on this list, wait a week or so and check again. Preferences change with the season, the weather, and what is available. New blends, bolds, decafs, and flavors are constantly being introduced. You could try a new flavor each day for a year and not exhaust your choices. Keurig has over 250 coffee, tea, hot chocolates, and ciders. Add those produced by other companies, and the list seems endless. Although we have concentrated on coffee, don’t hesitate to try some other beverage choices. Whatever you choose to make with your Keurig, enjoy!

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    You have a picture of “Donut House” coffee next to your top 10 list, but that brand does not appear in your top 10. Aren’t they different from “Original Donut Shop”?

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