Ice Usage Requirements

When deciding which ice machine will be best for your needs it is important to consider the application of the ice produced and determine the amount of ice needed. It is important to consider your ice demand during both high and low seasons, ensuring that you are never with a surplus of unusable ice or without ice in a peak season. The table below gives a good representation of ice usage estimates based on the industry your ice machine is needed for.

Type of Operation Usage
Food Service
Restaurant 1.5 lbs. Per Person
Bar/Cocktail 3.5 lbs. Per Seat
Salad Bar 40 lbs. Per Cubic Foot
Fast Food 5 oz. Per 7 – 10 oz. Drink
8 oz. Per 12 – 16 oz. Drink
12 oz. Per 18 – 24 oz. Drink
Guest Ice 5 lbs. Per Room
Restaurant 1.5 lbs. Per Seat
Cocktail 3 lbs. Per Seat
Catering 1 lb. Per Person
Convenience Store/ Supermarket
Self-Serve Beverage 6 oz. Per 12 oz. Drink
10 oz. Per 20 oz. Drink
16 oz. Per 32 oz. Drink
Bagged Ice Pounds Per Bag X Bags Sold Per Day
Produce Display 35 lbs. Per Cubic Foot
Seafood Display 65 lbs. Per Cubic Foot
Bar 3.5 lbs. Per Seat
Cafeteria 1.5 lbs. Per Person
Hospital Patient Ice 10 lbs. Per Bed
Cafeteria 1.5 lbs. Per Student


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