4 Reasons Why an Ice Maker is Perfect for Entertaining

Ice Maker at Party

Entertaining guests is one of the most enjoyable things a homeowner can do. It is only enjoyable, however, provided things go as smoothly as possible throughout the event. As any host or hostess should know, advance preparation is imperative to the success of a gathering. Although there are many preparations you should consider before entertaining in your home, one of the most commonly overlooked is the availability of ice.

Ice Maker

Many party-throwers will try to combat this issue by strategically placing coolers throughout the party space, while others will simply try to stuff their freezer with bagged ice from the store. These scenarios leave you with either a big mess to clean (whether from the melted ice in the coolers or from the constant foot traffic through your kitchen to the freezer) or cause you or a friend to have to run out mid-party for more ice.

The most ideal way to have plenty of ice on-hand is through the use of an ice maker. A stand-alone, countertop, or undercounter ice maker gives you one less preparation task and one less party-time concern to focus on. Here’s how:

1. You’ll Never Run Out of Ice

It is certainly not uncommon to hear the host or hostess request that a close friend or relative leave the party to pick up more ice. This is never fun for the person fulfilling the request and, depending on the proximity of a store, can cause delays in the availability of ice. This situation can be easily avoided through the use of an ice maker.

Ice makers produce ice continuously and automatically, so that even if you are to run out, more is being made. Countertop ice makers produce close to 30 lbs. of ice per day, which the perfect amount for a small gathering. If you typically entertain larger groups, an undercounter or stand-alone ice maker would be the best bet for you. Depending on the model, these will produce anywhere from 12 to 83 lbs. of ice per day. With a constant influx of fresh ice, you’ll rarely run out, and if you do, nobody has to leave to get more. The ice machine does the work for you.

2. Bartending Made Easy

If you’re serious about entertaining or entertain often then you either have or have considered having a wet bar in your home. Nearly every gathering revolves around the presence of beverages, and a bar is a great gathering and mingling place for guests.

Having an ice maker as a part of a wet bar makes it much easier for the bartender to man their post without ever having to leave the area to restock the ice. It’s one of the essential tools every bartender needs. Especially since ice is a crucial component to any cocktail – whether they are blended, shaken, or stirred – this makes it much easier to offer a wide variety of drink options.

3. Class it Up

Stuffing bagged ice into coolers or freezers is impractical for the needs of a party and is not aesthetically pleasing either. Depending on the event, you probably don’t want guests to see a bartender smashing bagged ice onto the ground in order to break up the cubes, nor would you want your guests to have to stoop down to fill their cup with ice from a cooler.

Iced Tea at Party

An ice maker is not only a much more practical option but it’s also a much more attractive one. There are many ice makers that feature modern finishes, such as stainless steel and black, which give them a clean look and make them feel as though they are a part of the home’s décor. In addition to the obvious convenience they offer, these ice makers are a much more attractive and classy option.

4. Maximize Your Space

Freezer space is a precious commodity while entertaining and ice is probably the last thing you want taking up all of the room. Coolers tend to be bulky and, if you’re filling up multiple ones with ice, can take up valuable entertaining space. Ice makers, on the other hand, come in a variety of shapes and sizes that are designed to make the most of your space. Built-in ice makers are designed to fit perfectly under the counter, taking up no floor space at all. Also designed to conserve space, portable ice makers fit perfectly on your countertop.

Clearly, the main function of an ice maker is the production and storage of ice. More than that though, having an ice maker in your home for both everyday use and entertaining minimizes your preparation needs and worries while also maximizing your space and your drink serving options. With less to worry about and more to offer, an ice maker is a very convenient and practical option perfect for any home entertainer.

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