Helpful Hints for Washer Dryer Combo Use

Like any appliance, sometimes you may experience problems with how it works. Here are the most common problems associated with washer dryer combos and what you can do to fix them.

If your unit is unresponsive:

Combo Washer Dryer Unit
  • Check to see if the unit is plugged in or not. Oftentimes, the simplest step is also the most neglected one.
  • If the unit is plugged in and still seems to be unresponsive, press the "power" button.
  • If it’s still not working, call a tech to come and service the unit.

If your unit shakes excessively:

  • Double check that you removed the shipping bolts from the back of the unit (instructions on how to do this should be listed in the product manual)
  • The load is unbalanced. Make sure to separate fabrics by similarity when dividing up your loads. An imbalance in the fabrics within the drum tend to make it shake more than usual.
  • Make certain unit is placed on a level surface and that all four feet of the unit are making full contact with the floor.

If your clothes come out wrinkly:

Make sure your load is large enough to fill the drum to 2/3 of its capacity. If it’s not full enough, it will toss your clothing around more than it should and causes the unit to extract too much water from the load during the final spin cycle in the washing process.

If your clothes feel wet after the dry cycle:

Because combination washer dryers use condensation drying, it will seem as though everything is still damp when you initially reach inside the drum to remove your load. Actually take your items out one-by-one when removing them from the humidity of the dryer. If they don’t feel dry within 10 to 15 seconds, then place them back inside the unit to continue the drying cycle.

Using the self-cleaning feature

If your unit has a self-cleaning feature, you should use the feature once every six months to avoid soapy residue and build-up within the unit.

Please note: The drain screen in the lower right corner must be cleaned periodically to prevent a build-up of lint or other foreign matter. With unit empty and off, turn wash selector to the final spin of the regular wash cycle. Turn unit on and wait for it to begin spinning. Remove the drain screen during this spin cycle, clean and replace before cycle stops. This will prevent residual water from running out of the unit and onto the floor. Turn unit off and reset for the next wash.

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    • Michael says

      I was direct and honest with my apartment manager and at first they told me no… but i demonstrated I was honest, paid my rent on time and made the promise i would never leave the apartment when the unit is hooked up and operating.
      In addition i purchased the LG 2.3 unit and never had a performance or maintenance problem. It paid for itself in less than a year. In reality i also don’t use the dry option but maybe twice a month. Just the wash mode and i hang the clothing on a portable clothes line in my back bedroom.

  1. QueenJellyBean says

    Alicia, when I rented I bought a combo washer/dryer. When it was delivered they asked if it was furniture, and I said yes. I hooked it up to the kitchen sink. The model I bought didn’t need a special electrical outlet, neither did it need a dryer vent in the wall. Easy as plugging in and hooking up at the sink. Landlord never found out. If landlord ever did discover it, I would have asked him to thank me – by showing him how much less water and electricty my super expensive combo washer dryer was using (as opposed to the bigger inefficient units I had access to on his property).

    • Kelly Smelly says

      If you don’t mind me asking …. which unit did you purchase? How does it drain? I am in an apartment as well and I am desperate for one of these. Our laundry is down steep steps and reeks like musty mold. It’s awful. I have a pretty serious crippling disease and the steps are a huge problem too. I would be so grateful for any advice;help. Thanks so much.

  2. vicky smith says

    We want to sell our 5th wheel washer dryer combo but not sure what to ask for it. Its a maytag and is in mint condition. What price sould we ask?

  3. Kim says

    I have a small one bed room apartment. And as strange as it sounds, my washer & dryer hooks ups are in my walk-in closet. Well a washer/dryer combo would be a good idea?

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