Top 10 Uses for a Portable Ice Maker

Portable Ice Maker

Portable ice makers answer the needs of many different people in many different ways. As their name suggests, they are portable, which allows them to be used anywhere a power source is available. Their dynamic nature also allows them to meet several needs at a time. Although it’s hard to narrow down all of the uses, here are the top 10:

1. Limited Freezer Space

Some people need their freezer space and can’t seem to ever have enough of it. Ice, whether it be bagged or in trays or coming from an ice maker, takes up a significant amount of space. Using a portable ice maker as your ice source frees up your freezer to hold other things.

2. Tired of Trays

Ice trays can be a real hassle. You constantly have to refill them and wait hours for your ice to be available. A portable ice maker produces ice in as little as 6 minutes, so you have it when you need it. Also, if you don’t use all of the ice that is made, the ice will slowly melt and the machine will then automatically reuse the water to make more ice. With a portable ice maker you can throw those pesky trays away.

3. Wet Bar

Ice is a crucial component when making cocktails and many people find that a portable ice maker is the perfect way to have ice on hand at their wet bar. There is even a portable unit available that make cocktail-friendly “clear ice,” which is tasteless and free from impurities.

4. Office Use

Many people use a portable ice maker in their offices in conjunction with a water cooler or beverage refrigerator. It is nice for employees to have not only beverages, especially water, on hand but also have ice to go in their beverages. It makes for a much more pleasant work environment when employees have ice and refreshments at their disposal.

5. Poolside/Pool House/Outdoor Kitchen

Your pool house or outdoor kitchen is a fantastic place to have a portable ice maker. Drinks are always a poolside necessity and having ice accessible is convenient and smart. Having ice available in your outdoor kitchen, for drinks and other uses, is equally as convenient.

6. Boat

Many people use their portable ice maker while boating. You can make ice to use in drinks, use it to cool down canned and bottled drinks, and use it to keep the catch of the day fresh.

7. RV and Camping

Many RV’s and travel trailers don’t have a lot of freezer space, so having large amounts of ice is out of the question. That is no longer the case due to portable ice makers. No matter how remote or how long you plan to stay on your next camping trip, you will have plenty of ice available.

8. Tailgating

Portable ice makers are a must-have when tailgating. With an unlimited ice supply, you can mix drinks or keep beers iced down no matter how hot it is outside.

9. Supplemental Ice

If you have a large family, your existing ice maker may not be able to keep up with ice demand. A portable unit offers the perfect solution to families in need of a supplemental source of ice.

10. Entertaining

Entertaining, whether it be a cocktail party or outdoor picnic, requires ice. If you are frequently a host or hostess and find yourself always in need of more ice, perhaps a portable ice maker is perfect for you.

Although long, this list doesn’t completely encompass every use we’ve had customers tell us about. Many people also confess that they buy the unit for one reason and end up using it for another. Whether you’re tired of dealing with ice trays or simply need more ice, allow portable ice makers to meet your needs today.

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