4 Ways to Save Money with a Mini-Split

Whether you are building a new home and looking for a cost saving efficient way to heat and cool your home, or adding on to your current home with the same idea of heating and cooling in a way that will not cost an arm and a leg, you may be asking yourself “what are mini-splits?” An easy way to describe them would be to say that they are a cross between an older window A/C unit and a central air system.

Mini Split Unit in Living Room

Here are some ways that the mini-split heat pump can save you time, money, and even sanity when installed in your home!

1. Save by Installing Separate Units

A mini-split heat pump unit has many benefits. One of these is the ability to install up to eight interior units for each exterior unit. This means that rooms or living spaces can have their own heat and cooling source that is not dependent on the rest of the house.

Installing one huge HVAC unit with the intent of heating an entire home tends to leave hot rooms, cold corners, and a furnace or A/C unit that must be run much too often simply to cover those areas that are never quite a comfortable temperature. Mini-splits are a great way to get supplemental heat, so you can stay warm without wasting money to heat or cool unused rooms.

2. Save by Scoring a Better Efficiency Rating

A standard measurement for air conditioner efficiency is called a SEER rating. This stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.

Basically a higher number on this scale means that the air conditioner is better at being efficient and saving you money. The government mandates that all new equipment for air conditioning be at least SEER 13, but some new mini split units score anywhere from a 16 to a 21 on the efficiency scale. These higher scores mean more money savings for homeowners.

3. Save Time with a Remote Control

It can be a hassle to have to constantly adjust a thermostat to keep a room from being either too hot or too cold. Mini-splits come with a handy remote control that allows you to make adjusts to the set temperature from anywhere in the room.

In addition, most have timers and sleep mode settings which can eliminate the need to worry about manually adjusting the thermostat entirely.

4. Save Sanity with Quiet Operation

Before this type of mini split unit was available, the other available option for cooling one room at a time was a window A/C unit. Beyond blocking the view out of the window, the noise of these units was often disturbing for many people. Concentration was interrupted and conversations were often shouted to overcome the drone. Because the noisy part of the mini split units are outside of the home, only the silent parts are inside. Many who currently use this type of heating and cooling system say that they hear almost no noise when they are on.

Why You Should Consider Mini-Splits

There are many reasons that homeowners and builders are choosing to install energy saving ductless mini split heat pump units. From silent operation and low maintenance to an ability to heat each room to its own comfort level instead of heating a whole floor or an entire home at the same time. Join those who are finding that their overall savings are more than anticipated and enjoy the comfort and ease of your new system.

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