How to Install Your Portable Air Conditioner Vent

Installing a Portable Air Conditioner Vent

Although you should follow the instructions in your product owner’s manual, here is a brief overview on how to install a vent for your portable air conditioner using the included Window Snap Kit.

  1. Connect the exhaust hose(s) [D] to the back of the portable air conditioner [A].
  2. Remove the cap(s) from the window filler kit [B].
  3. Using the exhaust hose coupler(s) [C], connect the unattached end of the hose(s) to the window filler kit [B].
  4. Open your window, place the window filler kit [B] in the window and adjust the length, if necessary.
  5. Close the window onto the vent kit [B].
  6. Plug in your portable air conditioner and turn it on.

Want more information on venting? Please call our product experts at 1.800.297.6076.

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