18 Space Heater Safety Tips [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s that time of year again, as the temperature starts to drop you’ll seek out ways to stay warm. Whether you rely solely on the heating system installed in your home or follow a supplemental heating strategy, it’s wise to know how to safely use a portable safety heater before you plug it in.

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When used correctly, portable space heaters are not only safe to use, but they’re also great devices to help you safe money and energy usage. Unfortunately, every year we hear stories about people accidentally starting a fire because they didn’t use their space heater correctly.

To help you and your family stay both warm and safe, we’ve compiled a list of eighteen space heater safety tips in this easy-to-read infographic. Before you plug in your portable space heater this winter, make sure you read over our list of tips.

Space Heater Safety Tips - Infographic

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