8 Places That Would Benefit From a Countertop Dishwasher

A countertop dishwasher is a portable unit that is meant to be kept on the counter for everyday use. They pack just as much cleaning power as their full-size counterparts, yet use far less water and detergent. Some may ask why people would even think about using a portable unit when full-sized dishwashers are standard in many kitchens today.

EdgeStar Compact Dishwasher

Here are eight common scenarios where you would benefit from using a portable or countertop dishwasher.

1. College Apartment/Dorm Room

College apartments and/or dorm rooms are known for many things, from all night study sessions to movie marathons. The last thing that most students worry about is washing dishes and cleaning. Add this to the fact that most dorm rooms are not equipped with appliances, especially a full-size dishwasher, and the benefits of these portable cleaners become instantly appealing.

These compact devices gives students the ability to quickly rinse their own dishes and place them in an area designed to clean them. No messy dishes accumulating around the dorm room. No more piling them up in the sink until you have no clean dishes left.

2. Newlyweds

It seems as if the term newlywed is often accompanied by the words “living on love”. This is due to the fact that many newlywed couples are just beginning a new life together and do not have much money to purchase all of the things their parents may have worked years to acquire. What doesn’t come as a wedding gift, may not ever come at all.

For some, these struggles include older cars, student loans and tiny living spaces with no room for a built-in dishwasher. This is another instance when a countertop model makes perfect sense. Not only because it will be a better utilization of space, but also because two people may not use enough dishes to merit running a full sized dishwasher very often.

Baby Bottle

3. New Parents

Ask any new parent and they will confirm: A new baby also brings upon many new responsibilities. One of which is the sudden accumulation of bottles, pacifiers and other accessories that need to be sanitized.

If your baby is bottle fed you are constantly cleaning, sterilizing and drying bottles. A single baby can use 8 to 12 bottles every single day. Now imagine how many bottles would need cleaning if the parents had multiples. Twins would be 16 to 24 bottles per day and triplets would be 24-36 bottles per day! A countertop dishwasher would provide easily accessible space for the washing of all those bottles and parts, leaving them sterile for the next round of feedings. No hand washing or waiting for the full-sized dishwasher to fill up. Quick and easy, giving you more time with your baby.

4. Wheelchair Bound

Those who are wheelchair-bound live a life full of modifications. Ramps are used instead of stairs. Lower countertops make accessing bathrooms and kitchens easier. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for those whom are disabled to struggle with the littlest things, such as opening or accessing their appliances.

A portable dishwasher may prove to be beneficial in this scenario, because it removes the need to figure out how to pull open the door of a traditional built-in dishwasher while trying to get a wheelchair out of the way. When combined with the proper height of a countertop or sink, this type of dishwasher may a quick and easy solution.

5. Office Break Room

The office break room is known to be somewhat of a no-man’s land. Everyone needs a place to store their lunches and snacks, most appreciate having a place to relax and take a break from the pressures of the day, yet it’s rare to find someone that feels responsible for clean-up of this communal space. The resulting stampede of coffee cups, paper plates, and silverware being scattered about the room ultimately sits there until someone comes along to clean it up.

Clean Dishes

A portable dishwasher sitting right next to your Keurig machine makes cleanup as simple as “use it, rinse it, load it.” Your coworkers will be more willing to clean up, if they didn’t have to do much work. This results in a cleaner, more enjoyable space to hide from your boss.

6. Mother-in-law Apartment

Nowadays, more and more extended families are living together. Or, perhaps your family comes to visit, but never seems to leave as quickly as you’d like. No matter the reason, mother-in-law apartments are becoming more and more common. Instead of investing in a full-sized dishwasher for this area, a compact version will not only save money, but also provide more kitchen space. A countertop dishwasher is just the right size for one to two guests and may give a subtle message that dining in one’s own space is a good thing!

7. Extra House Guests

Weddings, funerals and family reunions all tend to produce extra houseguests. This means that trash cans overflow with regularity, towels and linens are in great demand and the dishwasher may never stop running. By having an extra countertop dishwasher on hand, you can alleviate some of the pain in the kitchen. Extra company means extra dishes, but it does not have to mean extra frustration if you are well prepared.

8. Traveling in an RV

If you’ve ever traveled around in a recreational vehicle, then you know there can be a lack of certain luxuries you may otherwise be accustomed to. You certainly don’t have the space for a full-sized dishwasher in an RV, but that doesn’t mean you have to wash everything by hand. A small dishwasher that sits right on top of the counter is the easiest way to get your dishes done, without having to do it by hand. Giving you more free time to enjoy life on the road.

There are many countertop dishwasher uses today that are very beneficial. From baby bottles to coffee mugs, from college students to the wheelchair bound, people are finding that stepping back from traditional models and sizes allows them to see that smaller size units can be surprisingly useful!

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