How to Convert Your Wood or Gas Fireplace to Electric

fireplace conversion

A Growing Trend

While cozying up to a warm crackling fireplace sounds like a great way to heat up and save energy, it is actually one of the least efficient ways to heat your home, causing many people to convert their traditional fireplaces to electric fireplaces. Fireplaces are inefficient because they remove the warm air from inside the house and send it out through the chimney. To remedy this issue the flume must be accurately adjusted and the room sealed from the rest of the house. As you can imagine, this is not always possible and many fireplaces go unused. However, with just a few steps that unused fireplace can be converted into an efficient and attractive heat source with an electric fireplace insert.

Easy Installation

Installation is simple and requires no need for a contractor. First, clean the fireplace of soot and close the flume to seal the chimney. Next, insert the firebox into the fireplace and center it in the opening. Finally, plug the unit in, and you are done. If an outlet is not located close to the fireplace, or if you would like to keep the cord out of sight by plugging it in from inside the fireplace, the help of an electrician might be needed.

Added Features

Fireplace inserts add the ambiance to a room a wood or gas fireplace would, but are easier and less expensive to maintain. Because they can be used with or without the heat, you can even get use out of your fireplace throughout the year. Most inserts also come with a remote control so heating adjustments are handled with little effort. Using a fireplace has never been so effortless.


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