The Benefits of Clear Ice

Have you ever noticed something different about the ice typically served in cocktails or at a nice restaurant? You are probably noticing that they are using clear ice. Clear ice, commonly referred to as “restaurant quality ice,” has a number of benefits.


The main benefit of clear ice is it is free from impurities.
A filtration process removes minerals, air bubbles, cracks, or anything else that might prevent ice from being completely pure.


Clear ice is most commonly used in bars and restaurants because it is tasteless. When serving cocktails and other beverages that are dependent on a certain taste, it is important that the ice does not take away from the flavor of the beverage.

Have Clear Ice in the Comfort of Your Own Home

If you own a business, it only makes sense to invest in a commercial grade clear ice maker, but there is no need for clear ice to only be available when you are away from home. Clear ice makers are now available for home use in the form of portable and built-in ice makers. If you or your family members personally love clear ice, it would be beneficial to have a countertop portable ice maker to satisfy your preferences. If you are frequently the host of parties or family gatherings, you might consider installing an under the counter clear ice maker, so you can serve your cocktails and beverages with ice that won’t take away from the taste of your concoctions.

From commercial settings to your own countertop, it is possible to have clear, impurity-free, tasteless ice whenever and wherever you need it.


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