5 Places You’ll Wish You Had a Portable Ice Maker

EdgeStar Portable Ice Maker (IP210SS)

There are obvious places that you expect to have ice. Your kitchen, of course, is the most obvious place.

But what about other places where serving drinks and entertaining is important, but unlikely to have ice at the ready?

There are many benefits to having a portable ice maker, the most obvious of which is the easy access to a supply of ice outside of your kitchen. Ice isn’t fully appreciated until it is unavailable, and a portable ice maker is able to ensure that is never the case.

Here are 5 places you’ll either wish you had a portable ice maker or be thankful that you do.

1. Boating

Whether your permanent residence is out on the water or it’s somewhere you only visit occasionally, you want to live comfortably while there. Nearly every boating activity is inexorably linked to the presence of an ice-cold beverage. Whether you plan on spending sunrise to sunset out on the water hoping to feel a big tug on your reel or you are taking the whole family out for a full day of water sports, access to cold beverages is an absolute necessity. A portable ice maker provides a steady source of ice without taking up precious living space within your boat.

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2. RVing

When you’re an avid RVer, your home on wheels becomes your pride and joy. Whether your stay in your RV is temporary or a long-term adventure, you want your on-the-go living quarters to have all of the comforts and conveniences of your stationary home. Because your possibilities are endless, you never know where you’ll end up. Maybe you’ll be able to find bagged ice, but then again, maybe you won’t. Don’t leave it up to chance. Ensure you’ll have plenty of ice with a portable ice maker. It is compact enough to sit on your RV countertop while in use and easy enough to stow away when you’re on the move.


3. Camping

Camping is a wonderful activity that the whole family can enjoy. Filling up your cooler and keeping food and drinks fresh is essential to creating an enjoyable experience. It may be possible to find bags of ice at the camp’s general store if there is one, but paying for and lugging those heavy bags is not an ideal situation.

A portable ice maker is compact enough to fit comfortably in your car or tent and can provide a reliable ice source wherever you decide to pitch your tent. Even if you’re going the more rustic camping approach and won’t be at a campsite with electricity, you can use a DC adapter and plug the ice maker into your car’s power source.


4. Vacation Home

There are few things more enjoyable than a trip up to that remote cabin or oceanfront vacation home. In many cases, these homes are ill-equipped in terms of ice production, and any remote getaway is far-removed from any place where ice can be easily bought. You may have also turned the appliances off while you were away from the home in order to save on utility costs, meaning that the freezer and refrigerator may need some time before they are able to serve their respective purposes. With a portable ice maker, ice is always readily available for food storage or for any other need within your vacation home.

Vacation Home

5. Tailgating

Any sporting event or concert is not complete without a thorough tailgating event prior to show time. Ice is a necessary component, and if there is not a near-constant supply of ice, the quality of the tailgating may be inhibited. Prevent the need to run to a nearby store for bagged ice by bringing along a portable ice maker. It’s just as easy to pack up and bring as a cooler or grill and it will ensure that there will be enough ice to go around for the entire day’s events.

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Tailgate Party

Portable ice makers are a fantastic ice source to keep on the countertop in your kitchen, but there’s no reason to let the possibilities end there. With no need for a drain line, water line, or other mobility-restricting requirements, portable ice makers can be taken practically anywhere. Next time you’re out and about, think about whether or not a portable ice maker would enhance the experience.

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