4 Benefits of Baseboard Heaters

For many homeowners, keeping themselves and their family warm during the cold winter months is a priority. Relying on a central heating system will work when it comes to works at keeping your home warm, but it can also be expensive and very inefficient.

We’ve previously discussed the benefits of implementing a supplemental heating strategy, and there are many different types of heaters that can help you do this. Today, however, we’re going to discuss the benefits of baseboard heaters, how they work and why you should consider using one to keep you and your family warm.

What is a Baseboard Heater?

Baseboard Heater in Kids Room

Baseboard heaters are highly efficient heaters that sit directly on the floor or a few inches above the floor. Typically, this type of heater is either convection or hydronic-powered. All floor and baseboard heaters must be used with a thermostat to control the overall temperature and usage. If you don’t feel comfortable installing it yourself, then it would be wise to call a professional electrician to ensure that you get the maximum benefits for your home.

Baseboard heaters are designed to envelop the room in warmth without using up a lot of electricity. This allows you to keep the central heating system turned down low during those colder evenings, and turn on your floor heater for more energy-efficient warmth.

1. Lower Energy Bills

The number one benefit you will receive from baseboard heaters is saving money on your energy bills. Keeping warm can sometimes be a challenge on cold winter nights. When you crank up your heat, you’re not only heating up the room you’re in, but you’re also heating unoccupied rooms. Why pay to keep these rooms warm when a baseboard heater or portable space heater can accomplish the same warmth at a fraction of the price? The savings on your energy bills are worthwhile.

2. Perfect for “Hard to Keep Warm” Rooms

There are certain areas around your home that are notoriously difficult to keep warm. Your basement and interior garage, for example, are two areas that are known to be very drafty. The cold air gets inside and the temperature dramatically drops as a result. Baseboard heaters are perfect for these types of areas, because the convection heat created by them spreads throughout these areas very efficiently. This allows you to forgo the need to install an expensive heating system. Additionally, the cost of maintaining these energy-efficient heaters is minimal, especially if you can turn off the heat in the spaces that you are not currently using.

3. Supplemental Home Heating

If you live in an older home, then you probably rely on a central heating system that hasn’t been upgraded recently, if ever at all. This type of heating works adequately during mildly cool days. However, on days when the temperature gets to just above or below freezing, older systems often fail to provide enough heat to keep you at a comfortable level. Putting on layers of extra clothes or snuggling under a pile of blankets is a great way to stay warm. Another opetion would be to use a baseboard heater to supplement the heat your furnace isn’t producing for you.

There is nothing worse than shivering while trying to perform your normal tasks. Baseboard heaters provide a quick and easy fix by providing a blanket of warm air throughout the entire room. The span of heat for the average unit covers up to 150 feet.

4. Portable & Easy-to-Plug In Anywhere

Portable baseboard heaters are a good choice when you desire heat in specific locations. These models are elongated and easily plug into a nearby electrical outlet. Some models even have carry handles that provide a quick way to pick the unit up and move to another location. They are a great alternative heating source for apartments, dormitories and other compact living spaces that become drafty and chilly when it gets cold outside.

Just following these few easy steps can give you a powerful source of heat. Simply sit the heater against the floor baseboard, set the thermostat to the desired level and turn on the device. The portable units perform just as well as the models that require installation. Additionally, many portable units feature an automatic shut-off with a built-in sensor that shuts itself off when it detects the room has reached your desired temperature.

Why You Should Buy A Baseboard Heater

There are many different types of heaters that can benefit a homeowner. A floor and baseboard heaters are just one type that can provide much-needed warmth while conserving energy. These heaters are more efficient than older radiators or cumbersome heating systems. An experienced electrician can even install multiple baseboard heaters in just a few hours. Portable models are simple to operate and are easy to move to various rooms if you need to increase the warmth in your home. Just remember to thoroughly read and follow all safety guidelines to ensure the baseboard heating system remains in its prime for years to come.

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