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Here is a complete collection of informational content that pertains to Window Air Conditioners and Mini Split Air Conditioners. Articles covering a wide range of topics, video content, product knowledge, our expert staff details the latest in window air conditioners. If you’re shopping for a new window air conditioner, or already own one, the extensive information within will help you understand window A/C and its capabilities.


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  • Electrical Requirements for Window Air Conditioners - Before purchasing a window air conditioner, it is important to note the electrical requirements as window A/C units are typically more powerful than standard household appliances. Most common voltage ratings for AC units are 115, 125 and 220 volts, and amperage rating can run from 15 to 20 amps. The lower two voltage ratings are ... Read More
  • Window Air Conditioner Efficiency Energy Efficiency and Window Air Conditioners - photo credit With unpredictable energy costs you’ll want to be sure to select the most efficient unit for the space you need to cool. This requires becoming familiar with a few key terms: BTUs BTU refers to British thermal unit which is defined by the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of a ... Read More
  • Features of a Window Air Conditioner Unit Features of a Window Air Conditioner - photo credit When shopping for a window air conditioner, it is good to keep in mind the extra features that are typically available and how those would benefit you. Additional features are intended to simplify the operation of the unit, and in some cases they can boost the overall efficiency. Thermostat Remote Adjustable Fan Speed ... Read More