4 Tips for Approximating Measurements in the Kitchen

Chances are you already have measuring cups and spoons in you kitchen arsenal. However, it is possible that you have had to work without proper measuring tools--maybe you weren't cooking in your normal kitchen, or maybe your tools were simply stuck in a long dishwashing cycle when you needed them … [Read more...]

7 Reasons to Use a Dishwasher

There has been an on-going debate over whether it is better to wash dishes by hand or with a machine. While there are many who believe that hand washing is better for the environment and for health, research and experience has shown evidence that dishwashers are actually more beneficial in … [Read more...]

Top 5 Ebac Commercial Dehumidifiers

Whether it’s for health or restorative purposes, dehumidifiers are useful in many situations and work to cleanse our spaces of unnecessarily humid climates. High levels of humidity can cause increases in biological particulates, such as mold, fungi, viruses and bacteria, which can affect your health … [Read more...]

How to Clean Refrigerator Coils

Of all your home appliances, your refrigerator is likely your biggest investment. Fortunately, this appliance has also been the focus of energy-saving initiatives and continual innovation. To avoid a costly replacement or repair, it’s important to keep up with maintenance. This includes cleaning … [Read more...]

5 Essential Tools for Grilling

For many, there are only two rules when using the grill. The first is that you must never waste an active fire, even if you have to ransack your fridge for something to cook. The other rule is to always be prepared. With hundreds of pieces of grill equipment and essentials you might have seen in … [Read more...]

8 Ways to Naturally Cool Your Home

It is officially the warm season, and once again many of us are struggling to stay cool in our own homes. Air conditioning units can drive your utility bills through the roof in hotter climates, and they’re not the most earth-friendly solution either. Here are eight easy and environmentally … [Read more...]

6 Tips for Organizing a Commercial Fridge or Freezer

Many people have a hard time keeping their own refrigerator organized at home. When you have a commercial kitchen with even more people in and out of the fridge and freezer, it can be very difficult to maintain organization. It is vital to the health of your restaurant that you have an efficient … [Read more...]

5 Grill Safety Tips

A sure sign that summer has arrived is when the covers come off the grills and the aprons go on the chefs. Friends and family fill backyards and the sweet smell of barbecue sauce fills the air. Everyone loves a good cookout, as long as it’s the food getting cooked--not the guests. Taking basic … [Read more...]

20 Tips for Remodeling Your Kitchen

If your kitchen is past due for a makeover or you are in the planning stages of redesigning it, break down the project step by step to ensure that you get the most out of your new kitchen. Add function, style and flair to the heart of your home with one or all of our best tips for updating your … [Read more...]

Why Your Cooking Range Doesn’t Have a Power Cord

When purchasing a new range, whether it is electric or gas, there are a few things you need to know about the power cord for your range, starting with why you can’t find one in the box with your new unit. Unlike washing machines and refrigerators, there is not a standard electric code or outlet … [Read more...]

Ideas for Installing a Built-In Wine Cooler in your Kitchen

Installing a new wine cooler in your kitchen may sound like an easy task, and honestly, there isn’t any reason it shouldn’t be. Still, there can be a lot of deliberation that goes into the process. A lot of factors might not immediately jump to mind. Other than just the model and cost of your wine … [Read more...]

FAQS: Window Air Conditioners

When looking for a solution to your heating issues, window air conditioners are a sure way to solve the problem. With a multitude of variations and unique designs to seamlessly fit into each of our lives, shopping for window A/C units can be overwhelming and leave you with many questions. Don’t … [Read more...]

3 Tips for Gardening in Small Spaces

You don’t need a sprawling yard to enjoy gardening. Even if you’re in a small space, you can still get your hands in the dirt and grow beautiful flowers, veggies and herbs. Below are 3 tips on how to reap all of the rewards of gardening without massive flowerbeds or garden plots. 1. Hanging … [Read more...]

12 Best Smartphone Apps for RV Living

Cruising the country in your mobile palace is one of the best ways to see the unique sites that each state has to offer, and advances in technology have made this type of living easier than ever. There are several smartphone apps that can guide your way, whether you’re looking to find the nearest … [Read more...]

6 Villages Providing Tiny Homes for the Previously Homeless

photo credit Contrary to how it’s often portrayed, the small house movement isn’t all high rollers looking for vacation homes and middle-income outdoor enthusiasts looking to downsize. All over the country, Americans are collecting donations, materials, and volunteers to build tiny houses for the … [Read more...]

7 Common Stainless Steel Cleaning Mistakes

Though it seems like a tedious task, your stainless steel absolutely must be cleaned regularly--and correctly! Your stainless steel appliances and products need to be cleaned in order to maintain their aesthetic appearance as well as to preserve their corrosion resistance. A thin layer of chromium … [Read more...]