5 Ways a Portable Air Conditioner Can Save You Money

According to the Los Angeles Times, “it makes a lot of sense from money-saving and comfort standpoints” to own a portable air conditioner. If you buy the correct unit for your size requirements and follow operating instructions, there is no reason why owning a portable air conditioner won’t lower your energy bills significantly. Don’t let warmer weather get the best of you and your finances.

Portable Air Conditioner Savings

Here are 5 ways a portable air conditioner can save you money:

Spot Cooling

There is no need to throw money away cooling your entire home or building. Portable air conditioners are designed to cool one area or room. If you live in a studio apartment or have one specific room you need cooled, a portable air conditioner is perfect for this application. Use the unit to cool your home office all day while you work, and then use it at night to cool your bedroom while you sleep.

Supplemental Cooling

If you live in an area that requires that you have central A/C for survival reasons, such as Texas, you know that running your central unit all summer can really hike up energy costs. A portable air conditioner can be a way for you to run your central A/C at a much higher temperature than you would normally or can be used to appease that one family member or roommate that never seems to be cool enough. The unit will offer enough supplemental cooling to the area you place it, leaving you cool and comfortable but not bogged down in a high energy bill

24/12 Hour Programmable Timer

Some portable air conditioners, like the EdgeStar AP12000S, have an integrated 24 or 12 hour programmable timer. Learning how to take advantage of this function can really help you get the most out of your unit. If you have a habit of turning your central or otherwise A/C off or down all day while you are at work and then turning it on a very low temperature when you get home to cool your area quickly, consider using a portable air conditioner with a programmable timer. Your central unit working hard to compensate every day can incur high costs.

Alternatively, you should use and program a portable air conditioner to turn on a low setting an hour or so before you get home, allowing it to slowly but efficiently cool your area before you get in the door. This more gradual cooling down process will help to reduce those times when you feel the need to crank your unit or central A/C to its max. Also, if you have pets or some other reason to cool your area when you are away, the timer function is a great way to set your unit to start cooling when you aren’t even home.


It seems as if each season requires a different unit to make living conditions comfortable. A dehumidifier for rainy spring, a heater for winter, an air cooler for summer, and a fan for the times in between. Multi-functional portable air conditioners, like the EdgeStar AP14001HS, can do all of these things. Look for a portable air conditioner with a heater function, a dehumidification only function, and a fan only function. It will be the answer to your seasonal needs.

Central AC Alternative

Central A/C systems can cost alarming amounts of money. It may not be financially feasible or responsible to pay the cost and installation fees that a central A/C system will require. A portable air conditioner can be a cost-efficient and responsible alternative. There are also instances, especially in cities such as New York City, where central A/C may not be an option. Once again, a portable air conditioner can be the perfect economical alternative. In fact, this type of air conditioner is a great investment for renters.

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