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Electric Fireplaces vs. Gas Fireplaces


Everyone loves the ambiance that a wood-burning stove provides, but not everyone wants to deal with the cost associated with purchasing wood as fuel, or the work that goes into cutting large chunks of wood into more manageable, fireplace-appropriate pieces. Many homeowners are balancing their … [Read more...]

3 Types of Fuel for Outdoor Heaters


What Kind of Fuel do I need for an Outdoor Heater? Purchasing an outdoor heater is a great way to extend the use of your patio or backyard into the fall and winter months. There is a variety of models on the market today with some being purely functional and others having elaborate aesthetic … [Read more...]

Heaters Warm-Up Outdoor Spaces


Warm up your Outdoor Spaces Many of us consider our outdoor patio, porch, deck, or backyard an extension of our home during the warm summer months. As fall approaches, families typically retreat inside and are unable to use the wonderful outdoor spaces they have worked so hard to create. One way … [Read more...]

4 Types of Space Heaters & Their Ideal Locations


Alright, so you need a space heater and you know there are several types on the market to choose from. But which one will suit your needs the best? This guide will explain the different types of space heaters you’ll run across and where they’ll work best. Convection Heaters Convection heaters … [Read more...]

Which Electric Fireplace is Right for You?


Electric fireplaces are easy to install and provide any room with added ambiance and supplemental heat. Today’s electric fireplaces are not like your grandmother's. They employ advanced technology to provide a life-like flame effects and consistent, effective heating. This guide will help you in … [Read more...]

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