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Portable Air Conditioner

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Introduction to Portable Air Conditioners

Brian, our Portable Air Conditioner expert, provides a basic overview on portable air conditioners, their cooling power, venting procedures, and square footage recommendations.

What Size Portable Air Conditioner Is Right For You?

A guide to choosing the right size Portable Air Conditioner.

How to Choose A Portable Air Conditioner

A guide on portable air conditioner features and functions to consider before choosing a model.

A Detailed Look At Specific Portable Air Conditioner Features

A guide about portable air conditioner, fan, heater, dehumidifier and filtration features.

Overview of Control Panel, Temperature Panel and Remote Control

A guide into what the control panel, temperature panel and remote control looks like.

Single Hose vs Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioners

A guide to what exactly the differences are between dual hose and single hose models.

Portable Air Conditioner Heat Pump Feature

A guide to what the portable air conditioner heater functionality is all about.

Using Portable Air Conditioners in Office and Server Room Settings

A guide to what to look for in a portable air conditioner when used in an office or server room setting.

Installing a Portable Air Conditioner

A guide to how to successfully install a portable air conditioner window vent kit.

Portable Air Conditioners Vs. Window Air Conditioners

A guide to why purchasing a portable air conditioner may make more sense than buying a window air conditioner. Learn more.

Portable Air Conditioner Ceiling Vent Kit Installation

How to install the ceiling vent kit for portable air conditioners.

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  1. Carmen says

    I’m trying to buy a portable air conditioner but don’t know which one. I have a medium seize living room with an open kitchen. How many btu do I need.

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