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Christmas Light-Hanging Ideas for the Holidays


Winter is simply blowing by. Turkey day is in the past and Christmas is fast approaching. While everyone has a favorite part about this time of year, many families associate the cheer and good spirits with the iconic Christmas decorations we've all grown to know and love. And what would Christmas … [Read more...]

6 Ways a Tiny House Saves Money


There are countless benefits that come from living in a tiny house. Many people feel a sense of community, develop a connection to the present moment, and report strengthening their relationship with their spouse. While the experience of living in a tiny house is unique to each individual, one … [Read more...]

How to Design a Functional Tiny Kitchen


You’ve made the decision to go tiny, and you are shooting for a plus-zero house. Nowhere is your contrarianism more on display than when you design your kitchen, as you go against the latest trend to have a huge cooking area where everyone can sit around and watch as you work. No, your kitchen … [Read more...]

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