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6 Feng Shui Tips For Small Living Spaces


Is it difficult to relax in your small home or apartment? Are you having a hard time getting to sleep? How about your energy levels, do you feel drained while inside your small living space? If you answered yes to any of these questions, your living space might be out of sync. When this happens, … [Read more...]

3 Fun & Fresh Drink Recipes Perfect for Summer Parties


So you’ve picked out the perfect sunglasses and straw hat combination but you’re still looking for something fantastic to serve at your next pool party or 4th of July BBQ. Instead of letting your drink list begin and end in the beer aisle, try out one of our fun & fresh drink recipes perfect for … [Read more...]

Tiny House Basics: How to Join the Small House Movement


Improving the lives of people who choose to live in less space is one of the primary goals of Compact Appliance. The tiny house movement epitomizes why our company exists. This growing core of society elects to enjoy a simpler life. Many participants actively rebuff the grandiose lifestyles beamed … [Read more...]

Why Ice & Cocktails Go Hand in Hand


One might assume the ice in your cocktail is only a minor attribute, simply there to chill and fill the glass. In reality, ice is one of the most crucial ingredients in your drink. Ice can come in all shapes, sizes and tastes and, much like the spirits or mixers, can make or break a perfect … [Read more...]

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