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Look no further, we’ve compiled the most comprehensive information on Ice Makers found anywhere online. Our knowledgeable and expert staff test and compare the latest Ice Maker features and models so you don’t have to.

With such a large abundance of different ice types, ice maker manufacturers, applications and models, it is important to know the basics, so you can choose the ice maker that will best meet your needs.

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  • 3 Quick Tips to Keep Your Ice Machine Performing at its Best - No matter the size or shape of your ice maker, here are three easy-to-do and easy-to-remember steps you can take to ensure that your machine is in tip-top shape. 1. Use a Water Filter Using a water filtration system will not only improve the quality of your ice, but it will also help you avoid ... Read More
  • 4 Reasons Why an Ice Maker is Perfect for Entertaining - Entertaining guests is one of the most enjoyable things a homeowner can do. It is only enjoyable, however, provided things go as smoothly as possible throughout the event. As any host or hostess should know, advance preparation is imperative to the success of a gathering. Although there are many preparations you should consider before entertaining ... Read More
  • icemaker environmental 5 Places You’ll Wish You Had a Portable Ice Maker - There are obvious places that you expect to have ice. Your kitchen, of course, is the most obvious place. But what about other places where serving drinks and entertaining is important, but unlikely to have ice at the ready? There are many benefits to having a portable ice maker, the most obvious of which is ... Read More