Freezer Ice Makers vs. Portable Ice Makers

Portable Ice Maker in Bar

There is always a great need for ice, but many people only become keenly aware of this fact when there is no ice available. Ice serves as the backbone for every great drink, and no party, barbeque, or venture out onto the water is complete without the presence of ice.

When most people think of an ice maker, their mind will immediately turn to the large refrigerator units that take up a great deal of space in the kitchen. While these traditional freezer ice makers are able to deliver ice automatically, they are not the only available option nor are they necessarily the best option for every individual.

Freezer Ice Maker

Portable ice makers are also available, and these types of ice makers may be a better option for a broad range of circumstances. As is often the case, there are significant benefits to both freezers and portable ice makers, and there are also drawbacks to each as well.

It is important to consider portable ice makers as an option for the delivery of ice, and there are many reasons to evaluate portable ice makers vs. freezer ice makers.

Freezer Ice Maker Pros & Cons

When the requisite space is available, freezer ice makers are a great option. These ice makers operate automatically, keeping a near-constant supply of ice available.

They are also conveniently located within your refrigerator/freezer. You don’t have to purchase an appliance dedicated solely to the production of ice, you’re receiving the benefit of ice within an appliance you already use.

Of course, these ice makers are only available in a large refrigerator and freezer unit. Not everyone has the space or means necessary to accommodate an appliance as large as a full size refrigerator/freezer, and not everyone needs this large appliance either. There are times, especially in small living spaces, in which a compact refrigerator and/or freezer without an ice maker is the food storage appliance used.

In these cases, rather than use pesky ice trays, an alternative form of ice production is desired. While it is undeniable that freezer ice makers are a great source of ice, they may not be the most practical option for everyone.

Portable Ice Makers: Space-Conscious & Productive Option

Portable ice makers, on the other hand, are incredibly efficient with regard to both space and production. Even the smaller units are able to deliver up to 30 pounds of ice per day without occupying a great deal of space, and they are often able to create ice in a manner that is much quicker than the alternative.

EdgeStar Portable Ice Maker

These ice makers are also able to be taken on the go or relocated based on need. For individuals who throw a lot of parties or are frequently engaging in outdoor social activities, a portable ice maker may be the ideal selection.

Consider Combining Your Options

Sometimes it’s not about deciding on one appliance, but combining two different options to find your perfect solution. Consider the benefits of using both a portable ice maker and a freezer ice maker in your home.

Although automatic and dependable, freezer ice makers don’t have a large storage capacity. Similarly, portable ice makers are a fantastic source of ice but don’t have a huge storage capacity, either. Perhaps one or the other would be perfect for daily home use, but when entertaining it would be best to have both.

Also, having the freezer ice maker is convenient for when you’re home, but if you’re on-the-go, it would be nice to have the option of taking your portable unit. I think it’s safe to say that if you have a freezer ice maker for daily ice use and a portable ice maker for special occasions, you’ll never be without enough ice to go around.

So, Which One Is the Right Choice?

After considering the benefits and drawbacks of your options, you should feel good about selecting the perfect appliance for your ice needs. A freezer ice maker is not practical unless the space is available, and it still may not be necessary if there is not a constant need for ice. For smaller spaces, a portable ice maker may be ideal and carries the added benefit of being able to be relocated on an as-needed basis.

Or, perhaps, investing in both options is the perfect solution.

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