Why Compact Travel Coolers Are Perfect For Picnics & Outdoor Excursions

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There is nothing more enjoyable on a warm day than a picnic at the beach or your favorite park. You can bask in the sun, while spending time with your friends and family, but what good is a picnic if you can’t have drinks that are cool and refreshing. Before you and your family set out for a summer picnic, make sure you get a portable travel cooler. These are a great addition to any summer outing, as there is no better way to keep your sandwiches, beverages and frozen treats constantly chilled.

Notably, travel coolers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you are planning a picnic for two or for the entire family, there is a model to meet your needs. Ranging from 43 to 80 quarts, today’s travel cooler is roomy and energy-efficient. Modern travel coolers offer a variety of features that hold a chill for a long time, providing safe and delicious meals and beverages all day long.

More Than Just A Cooler

Additionally, some of these amazing new coolers have refrigeration capabilities built right into the unit. This allows you to plug your cooler in easily at normal power outlets, or in some cases, directly into a standard vehicle cigarette lighter. If you are planning an outing where no power is available, the cooler’s insulated metal walls keep your food and drinks cold long after you unplug it.

Additionally, a picnic on a warm day just isn’t complete without a delicious frozen treat like ice cream or frozen drink. These versatile coolers feature separate sections for freezing and cooling so you need never worry about your frozen foods melting in the sun. They remain at a constant, cold temperature until you are ready to indulge.

Also, travel coolers are perfect for boat trips. They feature comfortable side grips, allowing for easy transport on and off the boat. Their compact size stows easily in a corner, out of the way of foot traffic. Their solid build ensures stability, even in the roughest water conditions. They also make the perfect companion for outdoor parties, camping and hunting excursions.

The Top 3 Travel Coolers

There are a wide variety of portable travel coolers available for you to choose from. Here are our three top choices that offer everything you would want.

Whether you are planning a fun family day at the beach or an extended camping vacation, rely on a portable travel cooler to keep your items fresh and cool. Their metal walls allow for all-day cooling once the unit is unplugged, and all it takes is a quick charge to keep the unit working efficiently. A compact portable cooler is the perfect travel companion on your next outing.

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