The Next Big Thing in Portable Air Conditioners: InvisiMist Technology

With the never-ending Polar Vortex over staying its welcome across the country this week, it may be tough to think about warmer weather, but (fingers crossed) it’s coming. In years past, extreme winters have led to extreme summers, so you may want to get prepared. Here at Compact Appliance, getting prepared means setting up our portable air conditioners.

These versatile cooling products are a great solution for those who need an alternative to central or window air cooling systems or need to supplement their existing cooling system. For those who live in apartments that don’t have central air or have strict HOAs preventing the use of window units, portable ACs have been the perfect way to meet their needs. For home owners tired of paying outrageous energy bills during the summer months, portable air conditioners offer a way to spot cool only the areas they’re occupying at that time.

Over the years, portable air conditioner manufacturers have made some pretty impressive technological advancements. For example, dual hose configurations, by pulling in air from outside the room as well as from inside the room, offer a quicker and more efficient way to cool a space. Automatic timers allow you to customize and schedule your unit’s cooling, saving you time and money. Self-evaporative technology evaporates and exhausts moisture in addition to warm air, leaving your area both cool and dry. These are just a few of the ways these cooling systems have been made more efficient and more convenient for users. Just when we thought we’d seen it all, here comes Avallon.

Avallon Portable Air Conditioners

Avallon recently released a line of high-end portable air conditioners. Available in 12,000 BTU and 14,000 BTU outputs, these units are meant to provide powerful cooling. In sleek colors like Platinum and Slate Grey, they have every feature you would expect from a premium portable air conditioner – dual-hose configuration, self-evaporating technology, large coverage areas, multiple fan speeds, an automatic timer, and an intelligent auto mode – and one feature you wouldn’t expect: InvisiMist Technology.

What is InvisiMist Technology?

Portable air conditioners remove moisture as well as heat from the surrounding air. In humid environments, not all moisture can be exhausted in the traditional method. In that scenario water will begin to collect in a reservoir in the unit. InvisiMist Technology removes and expels moisture from an otherwise full water reservoir.

How does InvisiMist Technology Work?

This feature uses an internal pump, water line, and misting nozzle to remove excess water. A sensor will automatically determine when the reservoir is full, prompting the InvisiMist system to initiate removal. First, the internal pump will pull water from the reservoir and flow it through the connected water line. The water will then flow through the water line until it meets the misting nozzle located at exhaust end of the venting hose. The misting nozzle will then transform the water into a light mist, expelling it safely outside.

What are the primary benefits of InvisiMist Technology?

When the water reservoir is full, most portable air conditioners will automatically shut off. You then would have to realize your unit has stopped running and manually drain the accumulated water. This can be a cumbersome and manual process at times, and if you have any physical limitations, draining your unit may require assistance.

If the reservoir becomes full while you are sleeping or away from the room, you may not realize the portable air conditioner has suspended cooling until you wake up in a sweat or return to a hot and humid room. Even in the most humid of environments, Avallon’s InvisiMist Technology prevents these inconvenient scenarios and ensures the uninterrupted operation of your portable air conditioner.

If you’re in the market for a portable air conditioner, you’ll definitely want to consider Avallon’s lineup. On the higher end of the price range, these units bring more to the table than the average model. If you don’t live in a humid environment and don’t mind having to empty a full reservoir every so often, then the extra investment may not be worth it for you; however, if you’re on the coast or don’t want to deal with the inconveniences of draining water, choosing a unit with InvisiMist Technology is the perfect option for you. Either way, happy cooling!

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  1. Cathryne Woolery says

    First…thank you for all the GREAT information. I have an adult disabled daughter (physical and mentally)who lives in Portland, OR on the 6th floor of a low income apartment building. She is suffering in the heat and has asked me to find a portable air conditioner for her. My concerns for her: Ease and simplicity of use. The largest area of her apartment is 300sq feet. If she moved the appliance it would be to a smaller bedroom. Price is a factor. The only place to vent the ac is through the patio door. So the “kit” needs to accommodate that space. What product would you recommend? Thank you for your help. Cathryne

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